Who we are

Machinery Useful for Hotel, Caterers, Dairysweets, Namkeens, Ice-cream Industries & also in Hostel & Religious Insitutes.

Rathod machine tools is the leading manufacturer of food processing machineryowes its existence to the humble beginnings made in late 1950's by being a manufacturer by SATYVIJAY Ind. manufacturing supari ( Betel Nut) cutting machines by Shri Popatbhai Rathod ;father of Shri Ashokbhai Rathod.

In 1978 Mr Ashokbhai Rathod left his First year B.com. Studies at Bhavnagar University and started a small unit for manufacturing parts for Drill Machines on a job work basis. He continued this activity till 1984. He also started manufacturing Circle Cutting machine both hand held and motorized types for the first time in India. This machine is used by Utensils & Stove manufacturers allover India.

Sheet Metal Circle Cutting Machine

Circle Cutting Machine suitable for utensits:

Transformers, L.P.G. Gas cylinders, M.S. Dhamela, Rubber Gasket, Mild Steel, C.R.C. Aluminium, Brass, Silver, Copper, Stainless steel, S.S. Net (jali), Press board etc...

All cutting blades is the only replaceable part a manufactured from alloy steel & hardened for long life.

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